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Do you get tired of people claiming they are the best?  Did you know painting is a trade designed to protect your investment, not just to change a color?  Did you know that the typical exterior paint job is often 30 to 40 percent short of the manufacturer’s recommended amount of paint per square foot?  What that equates to is premature paint failure and zero value for your dollar!

When you do business with Pro-Master Painting you can rest assured that you are hiring one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, professional painters in the state of Arizona. 

It may sound odd to some people, but Karr Hendrickson, the owner of Pro-Master, actually loves painting and feels blessed to be one of those rare 15% of the U.S. population who like their work and happily go to their jobs each workday.  You will find Karr painting on every job.  That means quality control to the 10th power on your property.

Pro-Master Painting is who you call when you want quality applications at a competitive, reasonable price

  • Spray, brush and roll / residential and commercial 
  • Glazing, antiquing – for that ‘old world’ feel to your doors, cabinets, or furniture 
  • Cabinet refinishing 
  • Commercial & industrial graphics 
  • Commercial special application 
  • Stains & lacquers 
  • Varnishes & polyurethane finishes 
  • Elastameric coatings 

Master Painter at Competitive Pricing Pricing Paint Jobs



I thought it was an interesting motto "When you want it done right...". I heard from a friend that the owner, Karr, was a master painter but wasn't prepared for what that truly meant.

I have painted numerous houses myself, and consider myself a neat painter. But then I saw the Pro Master in action and the finished product. I was amazed.

He free-hand cuts incredible straight lines. I have oak flooring that was added after the previous painting, with quarter round moulding. I 'crawled' my complete floor looking for any smudge or paint on the oak. It was literally perfect. I brought in 6 different people, and only one found a tiny speck on the oak. Now that's flat impressive!

John in Glendale AZ